Jewelweed Salve Jar-Formerly known as Ancient Healer SalveZoom

Jewelweed Salve Jar-Formerly known as Ancient Healer Salve

Jewelweed Salve Jar-Formerly known as Ancient Healer Salve
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Jewelweed Herbal Salve: Customer Testimonials have indicated this salve to be helpful for healing skin surface and relieving the symptoms of minor burns, poison ivy, swimmers itch, bug bites, bee stings, cuts and wounds, and many other minor skin maladies including all types of rashes. There are several herbs in this salve that will help purify the skin.

YELLOW GREEN – THE BALANCER Alternative for chronic persistent disorders. Green is a quieting color, if not too green. Green, represents life graced with health and balance. As new life emerges from the earth, spring is dressed in every shade of green. The elements that exist in color, reveal the shades of color we see. The same elements in anti-oxidants, fruit juice, vegetable juice, plant oils, herbal tea, exist in our whole body. Nutritional elements have healthy benefits. Fraunhofer’s theory states, “The major color emitted by an element was related to that element’s function in the body; therefore, when used therapeutically, (nutritionally and topically) this color would aid the activity of this element in the body.” Our Jewelweed salve has anti-inflammatory properties which quiet rashes and itchy allergic symptoms. Jewelweed soothes burns, cleanses, restores and balances healthy sebaceous oils in the epidermis. The yellow green elements in this salve are present in all the herbs we use, plus pure olive oil to infuse. A spring tonic preserved for you to use all year long.
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