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Anna's  Story
Anna is the Co-Author of The Book Titled "Country Living's Healthy Living Pure Beauty" published by Hearst books in 1999. Anna was also instrumental in the Production of the "Country Living Handmade Soap Book; Simple Recipes for Crafting Soap at Home" written by her husband Mike Hulbert and published by Hearst in 1997 and again by Sterling in 2003.

Anna says, "Our little herb farm near Betsie Bay is a family operation. Late nights working around our farm house table wrapping and labeling soaps, and hand addressing packages, has strengthened our family relationships. We have time to talk about events of the day and discuss future product ideas made from herbs we grow on the farm. For us, this purposed lifestyle is more important than profit. Our true profit;, when our customers return and say, "your soaps and creams are so wonderful, we love them, thank you for making them. This speaks volumes about the integrity of our products."

In the mid 1970’s Anna Carter left her childhood home in urban New Jersey, studied business, moved to the Blue Ridge region of the Appalachian Mountain chain and began studying Nutrition, Herbs, wild crafting, and sustainable gardening. 

Nutritional and healing properties of herbal botanicals surrounded her, both in her garden and in the wild. Petersen's Field Guides on plant identification became very helpful. 

In the early 1980's Anna began to work more closely with the oils and extracts of herbs and soon everyone that knew her was benefiting from her vast herbal knowledge. After many requests from friends and neighbors throughout her region Anna started a small business from her kitchen selling herbal soaps, moisturizers and simple remedies of the highest quality at a modest price. Over the years the business grew and expanded beyond her kitchen walls, first to the barn, now to a small factory where things are still done the old fashioned way. All products are still produced in relatively small batches by hand to maintain the home style level of personal energy in each container. Anna still insists that all products are of the highest quality, she is very selective about the purity and integrity of the herbs used in all her products.

In 1988 Anna's Soap Shop burned to the ground in a tragic fire that destroyed everything she had worked for in 14 years of continual effort. Soon After the fire several people from the local community came to Anna and offered to help her start again. This was the beginning of the business that today is known as Creation Farm Inc., with Anna as president. Creation Farm still produces Creation Soap, a wonderful line of All-Natural Beauty Cosmetics, Bath, and Facial soaps in over 30 varieties. Creation Farms, soap are available now at over 300 locations in the US and the list is growing every week.

In 2003 Anna was invited to be the Keynote speaker for the American Hand Crafted Soap Guild at their annual conference at Dallas in March. In the last few years Anna has been invited to teach and or lecture at dozens of Herb Festivals, Herb Conferences, and Natural Products related events across the Eastern United States. In 1995 Anna was invited to appear on National TV, her products were featured on a "Quest for America’s Best" Segment broadcast live on the QVC Home Shopping Network and her soaps quickly sold out. Anna has served on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Herb Association for the past two years. Anna has also taught numerous classes and workshops at conferences for the NC growers school, North Carolina Natural Products Association and the North Carolina Herb Association over the years.

Herbal Products produced by Creation all have several things in Common:

Integrity - The herbs selected are of the highest quality & consistency - The Essential Oils Creation Farm sells are 100% Pure Quality - Creation Farm's Marketing Network, includes over 2200 herb farms and co-ops across the country. Fairness of Price - sometimes you will find comparable products selling for 2 to 5 times as much as the price of Creation Pharm, 100 % pure essential oils, because Anna is determined to keep the prices in a fair range so more people will be able to afford the natural skin care products. Anna has recently entered into a strategic marketing alliance with a large herb business in North Carolina that will be growing herbs to her specifications in large enough volumes to help her meet the Integrity, Vitality, and Quality Standards as outlined above for many years to come. All Creation Farm Products were sanctioned by the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture as "Goodness Grows in NC Products".

"He causeth the grass to grow for the animals, and herb for the service of man: that he may bring forth food out of the earth"

== PSALM 104:14

Update: Mike had a severe and dangerous stroke in August 2018 but is recovering very well with all your prayers. As a result we have closed the retail store in Beulah and moved to a small farm setting in Hartland Michigan to be near children, grand-children and extended family. We moved literally thousands of perennial herb plants with us to continue making your favorite items from herbs we grow. We hope to invite you all to come and visit us at the local farmers market here this next summer.

Pure Essential Oils since 1982. Handmade Soap with fresh herbs and essential oils.

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Offerings include handmade soap, organic, herbal, gluten free skin care, handmade soap, toiletries, and soap supplies, soap making classes designed by the authors of the soap making hand book "Country Living's Crafting Soap at Home".

Celiac information: All products on this site are Gluten Free, Wheat Free, all natural and organic wherever possible.

TO ORDER BY PHONE CALL 1-231-651-5007 or E-Mail Us at:

Benefit from over 20 years experience selecting the finest essential oils and herbs for soapmaking and aromatherapy synergies from around the globe. In pursuit of a naturally beautiful body, please indulge yourself in my personal selection of high quality botanical essential oils, aroma soaps, tanning lotions, tanning creams, herb bath teas and aromatherapy blends.

This simple indulgence with herbs is my lifelong quest about how to obtain Pure Beauty for Skin, Hair and Spirit. These products are designed from a holistic and herbal education. Knowledge developed from 20 years experience making natural herbal soap, shampoo bars and skincare from natural botanical oils for my livelihood and health. I have assembled to present here a collection of Premium Aromatherapy Oils and Natural Ingredients for making the most natural and highest quality botanical based herbal soaps, shampoo, toiletries, natural perfumes and scents possible. These essential oils may be used for scents, aroma synergies, in diffusers, soap making recipes, in glycerin base or natural hair care. These world class steam distilled essential oils of herbs have several therapeutic benefits when blending synergies for aromatherapy or herbal skin care and toiletries.

Our Natural Aromatherapy soaps are deliciously scented with pure essential oils and herbs. Essential oils of Tea tree, Lavender, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Peppermint and others alone and in aroma blends provide excellent herbal benefits skin care. These aromatic products also contain specialty herbal ingredients like Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Lavender. Many of these essential oils may be effective treatments for Acne, Rosacea and other skin maladies.

Handmade Soaps or shampoo bars also make wonderful gifts and suggest uses with other Aromatherapy bath salts and glycerin herb soaps as Gift Ideas!

Creation Soap: noun - Soap- pronounced-"kree-ashun soap" 1. Soap using God's Best botanicals from the point of Creation including Botanical Oils, essential oils, herbs, and Love.

2.The original hand made soap with herbs in North America. An all natural and botanical handmade herbal soap produced by Anna Carter Sangemino since 1978 beginning in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Scented with Pure essential oils for natural fragrance. Anna's hand made soap is often used for specific skin care solutions, types include dry skin moisturizing, shampoo body, poison ivy, psoriasis, excema, acne, and oily or sensitive skin issues.