Bella Fiori Essential Oil Aroma Blend 15 ml.

Bella Fiori Essential Oil Aroma Blend 15 ml.
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Product Description

Tones and conditions your skin.

May be beneficial for cellulite and fluid retention.

Balances excess sebum production.

Balances T-Zone area of the face, from under active and over active production of oil glands.

Pure Essential Oils of Bergamot, Lime, Ylang Ylang, & Clary Sage


Read More About Bella Fiori Benefits To Relieve StressReduce the Harmful Side Effects Of Stress with Bella Fiori
Bella Fiori's Essential Oil Blend promotes relaxation, dampens tension, and calms down the sympathetic nervous system, instilling peace and harmony

Instills Peace and Harmony.

Nurtures the Sympathetic Nervous System by supporting the Parasympathetic System.

Restores Balance.

Eliminates Stressful Free Radicals.

Revitalizes Healthy Beauty.
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