Exotic Healthy Beauty With Bell Fiori Your Knight In Shining Armor

Bella Fiori Aroma Collection
Elevate your mood,brighten up your day, with Bella Fiori. Tones and conditions your skin. May be beneficial for cellulite and fluid retention. Balances excess sebum production. Balances T-Zone area of the face, from under active and over active production of oil glands.

Bella Fiori Lotion, "Knight In Shining Armor"Bella Fiori Aroma Mist 4OZ.
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Bella Fiori Aroma Mist 4OZ. 1475002
Bella Fiori Essential Oil Aroma Blend 15 ml.
Bella Fiori Cream 4 oz  "Beautiful Flower"
Bella Fiori Cream 4 oz "Beautiful Flower" 2175008
Bella Fiori Bath Soak 4 oz
Bella Fiori Bath Soak 4 oz 1875002

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