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Pastor Plamen Spasov and his wife Alex are serving 2 churches in Bulgaria, The Church of God in Vetovo, and one in Rousse.

Please take a moment when you read this wherever you are and pray for healing for Pastor Alex, she has been cursed with diabetes for 25 years and I am looking for the people of God all over the world to agree with me right now in prayer that this disease be cast out by the Blood of Jesus and that by his stripes she was healed.

Alex is also an English teacher and is involved with teaching the English language since so many works are written in English. The church in Vetovo has been established for a few years and they are in need of building repairs, a vehicle for the pastors to travel between the two churches, textbooks, school supplies, and dental health blessings for the congregation along with prayers for reaching those in that area for the message of salvation. Please use the contact information below to do what ever you can for this wonderful work of God in Bulgaria.

These are some of the goals of the Church in Vetovo and Rousse as outlined by Pastor Plamen; We have the following goals and needs: 1. To spread the good news so that everyone in Vetovo and the nearby regions may hear about Jesus Christ. 2. To work so that at least 500 people may be added to the Church. 3. To send missionaries to neighboring villages who will settle new churches. The region consists predominantly of people of Turkish and Gypsy origin. 4. To fix up the building.

To Bless Pastors Plamen & Alex in their church callings in Vetovo and Rousse Bulgaria use the following contact information.

Plamen Spasov 118 Alexandrovska street Rousse - 7002 Bulgaria

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Church of God Vetovo