Supports Respiratory System * Sinus Relief *

Easy Breathe Aroma Blend Roll-On 10 ml (0.3 oz)
Easy Breathe Aroma Blend Roll-On 10 ml (0.3 oz)
Item# 1721006

Product Description


Exhilarating Bouquet Eases Tension And Sinus Relief. Refreshing And Relaxing Blend Strengthens Immune System. Supports The Nervous System Relieving Tension And Fatigue. A Natural Anti-Inflammatory.

Eucalyptus Supports The Immune System, Strengthening Resistance To Pathogenic Organisms. A powerful antibacterial and antiviral Oil. Supports congested sinus and upper respiratory Health.

Peppermint Is An Energetic And A Powerful Immune Boosting Anti-Inflammatory. Relaxes The Nervous System With The Potential To Knock Out A Headache.

Clary Sage, Opens Air Passages In Sinus.

Lavender Oil acts as an alterative, assists and restores energy.

Cedar Wood strengthens your body and supports a stronger energy level.

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