Lavender Aromatherapy Restores Your Energy and Strengthens Your Vitality.

How to use Lavender to Restore Your Energy After An Illness
There’s nothing better than Lavender to help you recover quicker from an illness than a hot bath with Lavender Essential Oil and a relaxing massage to detox the lymphatic system after fighting an infection. Lavender's alterative action strengthens the weaker systems in your body so your recovery time and energy is restored at a faster rate. Lavender's adaptagen action restores our health and eliminates fatigue; lending itself very useful and effective in all your skincare product. The more products with Lavender Essential Oil the better for your well being. Also, for tender skin put some Lavender Essential Oil on a handkerchief or tissue to keep your skin from becoming chapped, it is an anti-inflammatory and proliferates new skin tissue.

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