Aromatic Hydrosols distilled from fresh plants grown at Creation Farm. The essential oil collected in the water distillate sustains skin and disperses pure vitality. This positive charged water molecules penetrate and break down free radicals. Super charged negative ions release the positive charged free radicals, sustaining healthy skin and a youthful appearance.

The New Aromatherapy for skin hydration. Small batch hydrosols are the "green" aromatherapy choice for now and the future as they are produced regionally and save transportation energy and costs compared to those aromatherapy hydrosols being shipped half way round the world.

Rosemary Hydrosol 4 oz.
Rosemary Hydrosol 4 oz. 2775008
Clarifying Toner 4oz
Clarifying Toner 4oz 2475012
Lavender Hydrosol 4 oz.
Lavender Hydrosol 4 oz. 2775002
Clary Sage Hydrosol 4  oz.
Rose Geranium Toner Hydrosol 4 oz.
Rose Geranium Toner Hydrosol 4 oz. 2775006
Mint Hydrosol  4 oz.
Lemon Balm Hydrosol 4 oz.
DUNE DEW - Sunburn Soother- After Sun Skin Care Hydrosol Blend
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Aroma Therapy
5th System__ Hydrating_ is a process that cleanses the skin and discharges free radicals connection to your skin cells. The reason anti-oxidants are so popular today, is due to the imbalance of negative and positive Ions in our atmosphere. This imbalance causes free radicals travel into our body at a faster rate than normal, and they join on to our cells. They begin to cluster and grow into tumors, the beginning stages of cancer. The minute amounts of essential oils that exist in the hydrosol distillates are directly responsible for this breakthrough. By combining oxygen to the hydrosol distillates through a positive molecular charge, the key exchange takes place. A practical approach for what a little bit of protection offers. Misting the face with hydrosol, distillates of Lavender, Lemon Balm, Clarifying Toner, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, and or the Spearmint/Peppermint blend. This air freshener, ions, osmosis begins to hydrate healthy skin cells...Whole Plants for Whole People. How this works is quite simple and if I may say, unique to all other cosmetics. Because of the osmosis that takes place when fresh plants are distilled. This positive reaction transforms the fluid within the plant, including the essential oil into hydrosol, a water distillate..Once bottled, the hydrosol is sustained and until the mist hits the air and the hydrosol lands on the skin then this positive charge disperses the vitality. This positive charge mixed with oxygen, creates the negative ion, which is necessary to penetrate and separate the free radical from the cells. We do not hear enough about natural occurring antioxidants. The more antioxidants we have available, the healthier we will be. Hydration is the next benefit from hydrosols. All skin types will benefit from staying hydrated. For oily skin types this fifth step will release any deep blockages in the pores created by sebaceous oils settling in the pores, which is where bacteria feeds and acne develops. Normal skin will benefit with more hydration and less fine lines. And dry thin skin will benefit from hydrating by keeping their skin from becoming itchy, scaly, and finally forming abrasions and deep wrinkles. Our skin will have naturally occurring, antioxidant protection built into the five step system to help us maintain our vitality. Here a few descriptions and reminders to help you decide what hydrosols your skincare needs.

Lemon Balm Hydrosol: Promotes relaxation and is calming but not a sedative. Works well to spray on your face and breathe this mist to settle down headaches caused by fatigue and stress Soothes, eczema and dry patchy skin. A good cleanser for all skin types.

Lavender Hydrosol: Cooling for hot flashes and soothing on damaged or fragile skin. Antiseptic, cleanser and toner for all skin types.

Rose Geranium Hydrosol: Mist for dry, mature, sensitive, and dull skin. It will revitalize the skin. Geranium will stop hot flashes and regulates female hormones on an emotional level. Rose Geranium instills feelings of joy by signalling out fatigued. It is noticeable, after misting your face and hair, it restores your energy. It is an anti-inflammatory, and restores the reproductive and circulatory system.

Rosemary: Great for problem skin, calms irritation, bumps, and roughness. Clarifies and brightens all complexions. Rosemary is soothing on psoriasis, is mildly antiseptic, and it is anti-infectious.

Sage: A strong anti-oxidant. Sage restores vitality by stimulating the circulation system. Works well on cuts, scrapes, and skin abrasions caused by shaving.

Clarifying Toner: Anti-oxidant. Good cleanser and first aid for skin rashes and acnes. A good antidote for mild acne flair ups. Clarifying Toner helps maintain clear complexions, balance the skin mantle and balance the skins PH. Great cosmetic to maintain a healthy beautiful complexion.

Peppermint/Spearmint Hydrosol: Cooling yet stimulating, an anti-inflammatory and mild antiseptic. A mild anti-oxidant. A great mist to cool hot flashes. Peppermint/Spearmint hydrosol, combats itching and stings, calms razor burn and is a nice cosmetic for aftershave hydrotherapy.

This last step, but not least can enhance the fresh look of your make up. Just mist your face throughout the day to maintain your fresh look. Enjoy the complete facial system. Or custom design and choose, the best system for you, from system 1-5.