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Dear Beloved In The Lord God. I am delighted to be able to write you and share our heart with you. I am Evangelist Pastor Maurice Odhiambo who works with Manna Ministries Kenya churches since 1993. Our vision is to reach the unreach people groups with the gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and also the unchurched areas within our nation and even outside. I recieved the calling to serve God among the unreached and poor peoples and help plant churches in such areas. I have done what I could since with the help of God despite all the difficulties that always arises during the process. I am attaching for you brief history of the bukusu people of Kenya where My Ministry is currently reaching through crusades, revival meetings, seminars while planting new churches in the areas which still remains unchurched. I am also attaching to you aphoto of Myself (maurice in Maroon suit squarting) infrom of the Luyhia church with my church members and also (maurice in green suit squarting infront of Luyia tradional hut with local pastors and guest from germany) The photo was taken last april when we had a crusade and teaching seminars.

I have joined the ministry full time and I am committed to fulfil God's divine calling for me in these areas. I have a family (wife and two children) who also depends on me . The churches which I plant and serve are very poor and instead of giving at times even expects from me again. I am trusting God always for my daily support and my family. I am writing to request That if possible I would like to partner wioth your organisation in reaching these area. Pls I would like you and your ministry to consider standing with me and by me as I struggle to reach these needy people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I would appreciate if you and your organisation , church /ministry could be able to support us in these areas:

1. The distance between churches are very far like 20km away and thus Manna Ministries Kenya is in great need of simple transport means. That means we are in great need of 10 bicycles for our 10 pastors working within western Kenya in the rural areas . each Bicycle costs USD $ 50.00 each.

2.The income from our new upcoming churches is very low and so we pastors working in the rural areas like myself find it difficult as I cant depend on the church income to support me being afull time minister to the church. I am praying for any kinbd of support from anyone or any church or ministry be it a one time gift or monthly gift of any amount even as little as USD$ 20 monthly will help a pastor in rural in some very great ways. Currently Manna Ministries Kenya has 10 full time pastors who are committed to reached people groups in rural areas and they all need your support for effective witness.Pls help.

3.We are currenntly praying foir funds to help build our three brach churches which have been meeting on open places . one simple church structure in rural area would cost USD$ 500.00.

4.We are trusting God for Public address System for use in our Outreaches meetings. that would cost like, USD$ 1000.00.

5. We need Bibles, locally purchased in local language from Bible society of Kenya for free distribution to the pastors, evangelist and other leaders working in the rural areas. each Bible costs USD $.6.00 Plus many other christian materials , books etc for establishing church libraries in rural areas.

6. Finally we do have orphanage home where we try to care for the needy orphans . it also needs your generous support.

NB: Ps. We kindly request that you pray and consider participating in anyway on these projects. whatever a mount of support to these projects will be highly appreciated. We can provide more information on whatever you want to know much. pls let us know from you on what you can do to help the work of God here. You feel free to come and do ministry with us in these areas too, we love you and hope you will be part of what God is simply doing through us.

Pastor/Evangelist Maurice Odhiambo National Director/Oversear MANNA MINISTRIES KENYA P.O.BOX 15910-00100 GPO NAIROBI KENYA

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We are called to share our faith and love of God To all Nations, which l tend to believe that includes ethnic groups. MANNA MINISTRIES KENYA – Works with unreached and unchurched people groups within our ministerial target areas. What do we mean when we talk of people group? A significantly large ethnic or sociological grouping or individuals who receive themselves to have a common affinity for one another. For evangelistic purpose it is the largest group within which the gospel can spread as a church planting movement without encountering barriers of understanding or acceptance. What do we mean when we talk of “ unreached people?” A people group among which there is no indigenous self-producing church movement in it’s midst. This means a people group has no strong churches pastured by their own people using their own language, and these churches are actively Evangelizing their people and planting daughter churches. What do we mean when we talk of “Unchurched people?” A people group who have been reached with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ but have only few churches in the area. Usually the distance of one church to another is between 8-10 Kms away. Due to distance people do not attend church services regularly. We plant another church to provide and bridge the gap.


In 2005, we shall be having leadership conference, and seminars among the above mentioned people group. We aim at developing Character, spiritual maturity, and give practical leadership skills while reaching and planting of new churches. The Bukusu are a Bantu people who are a part of the larger Luhya Ethnic group. They live in the western part of the Kenya covering Kitale and Bungoma as their main cities. The main means of subsistence is Agricultural, but also cattle play an important role. Sugarcane and coffee are of the important agricultural cash crops with maize as subsistence crop. The area usually receives sufficient rain to sustain the population. As in the case in most Kenyan communities, the traditional culture is Under Heavy Pressure. Development and modernization have a strong impact on most parts of traditional life. However initiation rites (circumcision) still takes place among virtually all sections of the population, but timing has been adapted to coincide with school vacations, so that they do not interfere with the child’s education. Traditionally there has been a resistance against modern influences among the Bukusu people. This is vividly expressed in the DINI YA MSAMBWA movement led by Elijah Masinde. This particular movement is a mixture of traditional religion with some Christian elements. It manifests itself clearly as a protest movement against the colonial Authorities in the late 1950’s- Early 1960’s. It’s leader was detained several times, mainly in relation to the attacks carried out on

Go ye unto world and make disciples out of nations: Mathew 28:19

Administrative Institutions. A ban was reinstated even after independence because of an anti- Establishment attitude in word and deed. As a religion sacrifice was the basic ritual for the movement just as for the traditional Religion. Ancestor worship also played an important role. Despite the fact that masinde died several years ago, the movement still commands some following. Many other cultic movements have also protruded from it. In the meantime Christianity also has a considerable following among the Bukusu. According to political world, The late, former president of Kenya “Micheal Wamalwa” came from these ethnic group. There are also several leaders in different government wings. But still it is considered “unreached people group”. There is no whole Bible in Bukusu Language in 1993, New Testament was published. There are also publications of Old Testament portions in Bukusu Language.

WHY MISSION WORK AMONG THE BUKUSU? The true information reflected in the target area includes: 1) SERVANTS OF GOD: The ratio of pastors/Evangelists to population quotes. One trained Pastor/Evangelists for every 4000 – 5000, The ratio of churches to population – One church can have 6000 people if Evangelism is done. 2) WHO is Jesus Christ To the Bukusu- Statistically 75% believe Jesus is son of God and are nominally Christians 20% believe and have accepted him as their savior, 10% believe Jesus is a prophet, teacher, Goodman, but not God’s son, 15% believe in Local, traditional religion rather than in Jesus. WE MUST COME WITH THE GOSPEL HERE TO DISCIPLE THE CHURCH AND DEVELOP MORE CHRISTIAN LEADERS. 3) TOTAL POPULATION = 878,000 status 20% Christian 4) HINDERANCES TO THE GOSPEL Literacy rate is 30% of the population, lack of fully trained ministers, lack of Christian literature in the local languages, cults, Islam, and traditional Religion. While we have given only the profile of Bukusu people. Other profile of unreached people groups in Western part of Kenya e.g. Suba, Maasai, Sabaot, Dorobo, Turkana, Pokot, Teso, Saamia and Kuria people can availed on request. It is our prayer to God almighty that this information will be used for his Kingdom. Reaching these people is the call of our time. Use this information to challenge both to go and send Christians, Pastors, and other partners as witnesses, to the glory of God and for the salvation of unreached people group.

If You are interested to help do ministry western rural area among the bukusus we can arrange and plan for teaching conferences, crusades, seminars and revival meetings for you. You could also reach the bukusus through your support to the pastors and evangelists working among them. Conference preparation should tackle subject on: CHARACTER DEVELOPMEMT, SPIRITUAL GROWTH, CHURCH GROWTH , AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS.

Yours In His Service