MoonTide Aromatherapy is a pleasant, freshening Aroma Blend

MoonTide Aromatherapy
MoonTide collection has an 'Uplifting & Balancing Phase.' Moon's Tide is a swift moving, emotionally balancing, aromatherapy. Frankincense stimulates and elevates the mind, one of the same physiological responses to moon tides and high tides. Ylang Ylang is a balancer, Geranium Essential Oil is a revitalizer; Grapefruit, light and aromatic. Roman Chamomile; Calming. Clary Sage; balancer, active constituent, sclareol, a phytoestrogen, mimics estrogen, and last but not least, Peppermint; the current itself!

MoonTide Lotion 4oz
MoonTide Lotion 4oz 2275015
MoonTide Lotion 8 oz
Natures finest pure essential oils & botanical extracts, designed to nourish, protect & beautify your skin.
MoonTide Lotion 8 oz 2276015
MoonTide Aroma Mist
Stimulates and elevates the mind to be at peace.
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MoonTide Essential Oil 15 ml.
For life's cyclic cycles, lets breeze right through it. Diffuse and Deep breathe the vapor mist, MoonTide Aroma Blend.

MoonTide Aroma Blend contains pure essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Peppermint, Grapefruit, & Clary Sage.
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MoonTide Essential Oil 15 ml. 1272010
MoonTide Roll-On 10 ml.
The ultimate balancer for the endocrine system.
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MoonTide Roll-On 10 ml. 1772010
MoonTide Collection Gift Set
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