Private Label Soap

Private Label Soap Dept.
We can make a wide variety of soaps for your marketing program, special purpose or event.

All organic soaps are also now available for quotation in "all organic" format as all the ingredients are certified organic except the catalyst which is made from the basic elements of Sodium, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.

Private Label soaps are available with a minimum order (1000.00)and a minimum run of 200 of any one type. Please call Mike at 1-800-766-2489 for a specific quotation for a customized soap program. For most private label soap orders the lead time averages 3 to 5 weeks so do not delay, call today.

Celiac information: All products on this site are Gluten Free, Wheat Free, all natural and organic wherever possible.

TO ORDER BY PHONE CALL 1-810-991-1496 or E-Mail Us at:

Question or concerns about your order, please call 810-991-1496 or email