"Sunshine Guardian" Is Invigorating, Warming, And Enhances Decisiveness

Refreshing Comfort Lotion 8 oz
Refreshing Comfort Lotion 8 oz
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Product Description

A Fresh Burst Of Sunshine In A Moisturizing Cream. Counteracts Seasonal Effective Disorder, Dark Days Low Sunlight. Natures Mildest Skin Exfoliate In A Moisturizer. Loaded With Alpha Hydroxy Acid, A Natural Component Of The Citrus Essential Oils In Refreshing Comfort Cream, Tangerine, Sweet Orange, Lemon and Lime. Lemon Oil Cleanses The Skin, Strengthens Nails, And Reduces Wrinkles. Sweet Orange Is A Calming Anti-Inflammatory. It Improves Circulation, Stimulates Skin Cell Renewal. Tanerine Has The Potential To Dissolve Cellulite, Due To The Active Constituent Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Healthy Beauty Is Achieved By Nurturing The Skin With Whole Plant Extracts.

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