Read Intro for Mike's upcoming book "What HE has done for me"

Read Intro for Mike's upcoming book "What HE has done for me"
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Life has been a series of ups and downs. “Riding high” in the saddle one season and being kicked off the horse in the next. Has this ever happened to you?

When I was a kid I just new I would be a millionaire and retired by age 35. I always thought that I was so smart that I could do anything on my own. I have always been hatching brilliant Ideas that were bound to make bazillions of dollars and leave me to live the life of luxury, glamour, and prestige. I have been blessed and I have been cursed, and I have been blessed and I have been cursed and I have been blessed again, and again. I am truly a blessed again and again Christian.

I realize now that maybe If I had recognized the calling that God put on my life since birth and responded instead of running from it each time he not so gently reminded me, my life would have been a whole lot different. But then again since God is no respecter of persons I now realize why he has let me try so many things over the years that have had disastrous results and the only reason I can sit here today and tell you about it is by the Grace of God.

Have you ever been at the top of your game in life only to have everything crumble beneath you leaving you practically penniless, homeless, without resources and suddenly feeling that the big “I” is suddenly more like a little “i”? If not then maybe this book is not for you, or maybe you are simply living within the will of God for your life. If you are not entirely convinced that you are living within the will of God for your life then please read all the way through. The revelation that I have been given is scripturally applicable to all that ever have, and all that ever will walk this earth in the flesh.

I am about to tell you several short stories not necessarily in chronological order that all combine into one giant testimony. Now God has also revealed to me why I went through all I had to go through in success followed by failure followed by success followed by failure over and over and over. God was simply yet very intricately building an extremely compelling testimony within my life to illustrate the joys of living within God’s Will contrasted by the pain and agony of stepping outside of it. In doing so HE has set up a testimony for me to share that illustrates this so vividly that those who have been given ears to hear will not have to live through the ups and downs in their lives by simply seeking God’s will for theirs as spelled out in his Holy Word.

Driving down the road a few years back several weeks after 9-11, I was praying and crying out to God for Mercy, Blessing, Healing, and HELP,HELP,HELP with all my might to the point the tears of fear and pain and suffering were rolling down my cheeks and my whole body was shaking. It was a time when all our internet orders had ceased coming, all phone orders ceased coming, all mail orders had ceased coming but the bills started coming faster and faster and faster and piling up deeper and deeper and deeper. We were losing our house, losing our business, and it seemed our whole livelihood was doomed. The bombings and devastation and loss of life had most of our country and the world shaking and grieving. It seemed everyone was living in fear and wondering what terrible thing was going to happen next and ordering any of our products was definitely the last thing on their minds.

So driving to the Post Office hoping almost beyond hope that someone had sent us a great big check and in my moment of great despair and tragedy when my whole world was falling apart in my prayer I yelled out to God the question I and perhaps many of you should have asked him decades ago.

“God please help me, please help me. If you will only pull me out of this I promise I will do anything you ask of me” (have you ever been here at this point of divine submission?).

God answered me that day. In a voice that was LOUDER, CLEARER, MORE POWERFUL and yet MORE GENTLE AND LOVING than you can ever imagine. God answered clearly and precisely in my own tongue a message it seemed anyone could understand I guess, except me at the time. God said to me “Just tell them what I have done for you, do this for me and I will bless you greater than you could ever imagine.”

I didn’t quite know what to think. It was not the answer I was looking for if you can imagine that. I continued on to the post office still shaking from such a direct response from God after crying out my needs and suddenly walking in great faith that all my prayers would be answered when I got to the PO Box. I walked in to the Post Office stuck my key in and pulled out the treasure! The only thing in the PO Box that day was a brand new unsolicited copy of the New Testament Bible sent to us by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. I about fell on the floor and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. God certainly knows how to make a point and apparently has quite an incredible sense of humor as well.

Do you think I got the message? I did but I did not respond like I am responding now to “I AM”. No, God made me so great (as perceived in my own flesh) I needed to continue on in the flesh in pursuit of the great riches he had promised us all in the book I pulled out of the PO Box that day. The testimony I have to give was not quite complete and God needed to add a few more chapters for my unwillingness to heed his very simple call on my life.

Since then God has added to my testimony (both up and down in accordance with his plan for my life in building this testimony) in several ways. Since the day I described above I got to build a great retail store that was really beautiful, full of wonderful healthy and beneficial products only to have to give it up after spending too much to get it going. I got to experience dying on the operating table during a simple surgical procedure for an umbilical hernia and being revived back to life with no good medical explanation.

I got to experience success by receiving a huge prepaid export order for our business that solved lots of financial problems only to have the payment charged back to our checking account a month later because we were paid by a counterfeit official bank check that created ten times the financial problems than receiving the check had originally solved. I got to experience long periods of negative cash flow that allowed me to cash in every penny in the house to buy food to survive after exhausting all resources and consuming most everything that we had diligently canned and stored in the pantry over the past several years including the remnants of our preparation for Y2K.

These life experiences have all combined with teachings directed at me from around the world via Satellite, Internet, Radio, TV, and personal words to have finally given me revelation of Gods plan for my life. I sure hope you will find this testimony an inspiration to seek God’s will for your life or continue to walk within it if you already feel you know what that may be.

It has been during this period of gentle persuasion and highly suggested fasting on a philosophical level that revelation has finally come. I am here to tell you what HE has done for me throughout the rest of this book and the rest of my life on every day of every week that anyone will let me stand in front of any person or group who will listen. I am here to tell you “What He has done for me”, and what he can do for you that have been given ears to hear this message.