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Rosemary Leaf for Herb Tea 1 oz

Rosemary Leaf for Herb Tea 1 oz
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This very delicious Rosemary is not only great for tea but wonderful in any culinary preparation with its aromatic and enchanting flavor. We grow and harvest the Rosemary year round in a solar hoophouse since it is an ongoing harvest the leaves we send out are always freshly picked and dried and always at the peak of flavor.

For Rosemary Tea put 2 tsps Rosemary Leaves in cup or small teapot and pour over boiling water and let steep for 6 to 8 minutes or longer depending on the strength of flavor you like. Good with Honey and Lemon too!

Rosemary Tea from naturally grown rosemary bushes, hand fed, hand cultivated and hand sorted, inspected and packed in 16 oz jelly jars(herb weight 1 oz) for 100% reusable and recyclable packaging