Rosemary Essential Oil - Aceite Esencial De Rosemary
Rosemary essential oil blends well with most oils, but is especially nice when combined with basil, cedarwood, frankincense, ginger, grapefruit, orange and peppermint.

The aroma of Rosemary Spanish is described as having a strong, clear, penetrating, green, and herbaceous scent with a hint of camphor

Because it’s origin and history of prolific growth was in proximity to the sea, the name means “Dew of the Sea”. The leaves are still used today and traditionally burned for smudging in hospitals to purify the air.
Rosemary Hydrosol 4 oz.
Rosemary Hydrosol helps premature balding. Spray Rosemary on your head, it will activate hair follicles, and an added bonus, it relaxes static electricity and the hair shaft glows with a natural tone.
Rosemary Hydrosol 4 oz. 2775008
Rosemary All-In-One  - 8 oz (2 -4 oz bars)
These herbal soap bars are for hair, face, body, bath, All-In-One.
Rosemary All-In-One - 8 oz (2 -4 oz bars) 3116044
Rosemary Coal Tar Soap
Rosemary / Coal Tar Skin and Hair Treatment Soap Bar. This is an improvement on our Rosemary Shampoo Body Bar with the addition of Coal Tar Extract (a natural layer of the Earth's surface). Additionally Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Anna's special herbal formula all contribute to the Itch relief. Anna originally developed this bar especially for a friend who suffered from problem skin. Now, after 10 years of production and testing, we are receiving testimonial letters that tell us people have had great results in using it to relieve the symptoms of many skin irritations. In addition to using the bar as a a shampoo or body bar, you may just wet the bar and apply it as a salve to the afflicted area.
Rosemary Coal Tar Soap 3115043
Rosemary - Mint Soap 4 oz, Handmade Mint Rosemary Soap
Rosemary - Mint Soap Handmade with Rosemary Leaves and mint oils from Creation Farm
Rosemary - Mint Soap 4 oz, Handmade Mint Rosemary Soap 3315045
Rosemary Cider Vinegar Herbal Hair Rinse 16 oz.
Experience the truly wonderful, sustaining, and refreshing benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar swirled with Tinges of Rosemary. Created using only the finest Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Stirred with purity. Smooths Hair Cuticle, leaving your hair with shine and brilliance. Stimulates growth, prevents split ends and soothes a dry itchy scalp.
Rosemary Cider Vinegar Herbal Hair Rinse 16 oz. 4317040
Rosemary Leaf for Herb Tea 1 oz
This very delicious Rosemary is not only great for tea but wonderful in any culinary preparation with its aromatic and enchanting flavor. We grow and harvest the Rosemary year round in a solar hoophouse since it is an ongoing harvest the leaves we send out are always freshly picked and dried and always at the peak of flavor.

For Rosemary Tea put 2 tsps Rosemary Leaves in cup or small teapot and pour over boiling water and let steep for 6 to 8 minutes or longer depending on the strength of flavor you like. Good with Honey and Lemon too!

Rosemary Tea from naturally grown rosemary bushes, hand fed, hand cultivated and hand sorted, inspected and packed in 16 oz jelly jars(herb weight 1 oz) for 100% reusable and recyclable packaging
Rosemary Leaf for Herb Tea 1 oz 5613040
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