Harvest Share Ministries

Mike is available to speak to your Church, Ministry or other Group and share encouraging testimony of "What HE(GOD) has done for me, because I am willing to tell you about it!" I am sure you will find this exciting testimony and gentle evangelistic message a stimulus and catalyst in realizing what HE(GOD) can do for you and your ministry. To make arrangements for Mike to speak to your group call us at Creation Soap or Harvest Share Ministries at 1-231-352-9600

Please read below and consider how you might be able to help us Bless these churches with Bibles, School Supplies, Garden Seed, and Personal care items.

Hello, In addition to being soap makers, Authors and herbal suppliers we have been called to establish a ministry over the past few years.

We are now getting requests from Pastors in Rural America, Bulgaria, Romania, The Phillipines, India, Nigeria and several other places on God's earth. In response to those requests we have started a project called Soap for Hope.

We are collecting items to ship to these Pastors who have congregations who need for them along with many other items including but not limited to Bibles, Handmade soaps & toiletries, food, garden seed, school supplies, herbal medicines and technology as the Lord provides.

Some of these congregations don't even have buildings to use for churches and meet in the freezing cold to Praise and Worship at the town square, and Some in former communist countries are the minority in non christian areas where they must meet in secret to avoid attack.

We are now gathering soaps(hopefully natural)and toiletries in addition to our own to send to Pastors in Disaster areas(hurricane, earthquake, psunami, typhoon, etc)for distribution when disaster strikes. In a time of disaster aftermath hygiene will be of the utmost importance to avoid disease outbreak.

You may contact us for donation or send items directly to the Pastors at your discretion using the contact information on the ministry website which we hope to modernize soon to provide interactive functionality featuring direct links to churches and Pastors in need worldwide as the Lord provides us their Yokes to share.

To send contributions (Bibles, Soaps, food, school supplies)directly to us for distribution use this information:

Harvest Share Ministries 2760 River Rd Frankfort MI 49635 Ask for the Book rate as the postage is less that way.

Or if you prefer you may UPS or Fedex them to us at Harvest Share Ministries 2760 River Rd Frankfort MI 49635 All contributions will be shipped by us directly to Requesting Pastors for distribution to those in need.

Pray and ask God if he wants you to sow any blessings into this ministry for us to forward to the requesing Pastors. Thank You in advance and be sure to note any prayer needs in your life when you send a donation. We will pray for you and your needs as the requests come in and we will also pray the donations play an important part of reaching and winning souls for Christ as we help prepare the World for his return. We will use anything you send to pass on to Pastors of Churches for Distribution.

If you are not sure about what God means in your life, or if you have not heard of this God that longs to bless people in need around the world please call us and tell us at 1-231-352-9600 and we will be happy to share his life giving message with you. I want to share with you what HE has done for me, and how HE longs to give you his Love and the Blessings of his spirt.

In addition to the items mentioned above we have been called to relay to those in need please pray we receive the means to pay for the postage, and all the things that go along with sending help including boxes, phone calls, packaging material for overseas transport, etc. We have recieved hundreds of soaps, Garden seed, Bibles, etc and we need all the help we can get to send these items to those who need them. You can send contributions to the address listed above.

Be sure to click the link and read the Intro of my upcoming book "What He has done for me".

Mike & Anna Hulbert Harvest Share Ministries