Step 2 Toning and Hydration with Hydrosols

Step 2 -- Toning
Skincare Guardians Facial System 2nd Step: Toning and Hydrotherapy with Hydrosols

Hydrosols are gentle yet effective; they can be used undiluted without problems for most topical applications. Hydrosols do contain some of the properties of essential oils, so whichever one you use will have a mild effect on your skin. All hydrosols are not the same; they have a different PH, and deliver a different healing effect on the skin. The PH influences its effect as a healing hydrotherapy.

Clarifying Toner - a hydrosol SkinCare Guardian blend of Lemon Balm, Rosemary, and Sage . This blend is a skin clarifier with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties for rashes, eczema, inflammation, that cause redness and welts. The Clarifying Toner has very soothing benefits. As a toner the blend assists generation of new healthy skin tissue with calming effects for normal, combination, and oily skin types. This blend works on open inflamed eczema without irritation. Directions: Toners work best after you cleanse your skin. Apply the toner by misting your face or (affected area), allow the toner to absorb and pat the face dry with a clean towel or let evaporate.

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Clarifying Toner has a PH ranging from 4.6-5.7, and is a combination of Lemon Balm, Clary Sage, and Rosemary. The hydrotherapy I designed for the Clarifying Toner, is minor acne and to keep your skin free of acne, rashes, and inflammation. It is a great combination for eczema, psoriasis, and any other form of topical dermatitis. It is a soothing mist and the hydrotherapy is comforting. It is mild enough to spray on your eyes if they are itchy.