Tea Tree Essential Oil 15 ml (0.5 oz)

Tea Tree Essential Oil 15 ml (0.5 oz)

Tea Tree Essential Oil 15 ml (0.5 oz)
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Tea Tree Oil – The botanical name is melaleuca alternifolia and the oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the shrub like tree. The country of origin for Tea Tree oil as it exists in nature is Australia, however it is now also farm produced in China and South America. The Tea Tree is a small tree or shrub with needle-like leaves. It is also down under referred to as Ti-tree. Tea Tree can grow up to 20 feet in height and thrives wonderfully in wet marshy areas, though it is now cultivated on plantations. The Tea Tree is a very robust plant and is ready for a cutting harvest every two years.

Common uses for Tea Tree essential oil include it’s best known trait as a very powerful immune stimulant. In addition to being a strong antioxidant it can help to fight all categories of infectious organisms including Bacteria, Fungi,. and there is evidence that a Tea Tree oil massage prior to a procedure may help to fortify the body and reduce post-operative shock. In vapor therapy, Tea Tree oil can help with colds, measles, sinusitis and infections. For skin and hair, Tea Tree has been used to combat acne, oily skin, head lice and dandruff. As essential oils have become more accepted by the public, the use of Tea Tree has increased significantly. This can be readily evidenced by the commercial products now using Tea Tree essential oil. The oil has a thin consistency is a transparent light pale yellow color with a middle not that is considered medium to strong for perfumery.

Tea Tree essential oil blends particularly well with Cinnamon Leaf, Clary sage, Clove Leaf, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Myrrh, Rosewood, Rosemary and Sandalwood.

Tee Tree essential oil is described as having a fresh, Antiseptic and medicinal aroma with minty and spicy side notes.

The aboriginal people of Australia have used Tea tree oil for centuries. Tea tree has a long history of use within the field of aromatherapy. During the Second World War the producers and cutters of Tea Tree were exempt from military service until a large enough surplus of essential oil had been accumulated. The oil was highly valued and was issued to each armed services person as part of their kit in order to treat tropical infections and infected battle wounds. There are so many medicinal uses for Tea Tree Oil that there are entire book volumes just about this one oil.

Tea Tree essential oil can potentially cause dermal sensitization in some people. Do not take internally

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