I purchased a jar of Super Salve at the Dunegrass Music Festival on your recommendation for dry feet. Within 2 week of using twice a day the dryness, athlete's foot and even a stubborn plantar wart had cleared up! I am definitely satisfied with your product and still use the salve every day. Thanks, -Mark - Valparaiso IN

Anna, I first met you at the traverse city open air vegetable market in july. my sister bought me one of the lime blossom face and body creams as a gift. I love it so much that i have given up my $30 jars of origins from macey's. your product is superb. keep up the fantastic work! Pam H. China Twp MI 9/3/07

Anna, I purchased your products last summer during Blissfest here in Michigan. Your moisturizing bar and oil is absolutely wonderful! My skin has been so smooth and my sunburn has turned incredibly bronze! The soap that I had to write you about is the Coal tar formula. I am 41 years old yet all of my adult life I have been plagued with chronic dermatitis that had left me rashy (and even more uncomfortable) left me itchy. There were many times I could have itched my face raw! I have had over the counter medications as well as prescription medications that at best have allowed me to keep the itching somewhat controlled, But your product has left me totally free of the itching and rashing for the first time in 20 years! Add to that the bonus of having my complexion smooth and evenly moisturized. No more dry scaly spots! I am deeply grateful for you and your "creations"

-- Ellen Murray, Central Lake MI 10-29-93

Anna, I can’t believe I am placing another order as I placed a rather large order for myself last Fall. The truth of the matter is I have given a lot of my stash of moisturizing soap and oil to people that need it! I am a walking testimonial to the fine quality of your products. I am ordering the Body Care Gift Pak for a lady I met at a home party last week. She expressed great frustration at her complexion as it has dry spots and she’s getting wrinkly around the eyes. She is at least 10 years younger than I am and wanted to know my secret!

-- Ellen Murray, Central Lake MI 4-24-94

Rhonda and I have been using these products and are very impressed with their quality, wonderful natural scents and the results they give. We highly recommend them and are thrilled that there is such a unique and high quality product available. Once you have tried them, you may never want to go back to a regular, commercial bar or moisturizer.

-- Reverend George H. Malkmus-Founder Hallelujah Acres Health Ministries

I have really enjoyed using Creation Soap this winter. As I stated, had no problems with dry scalp. I thank you for presenting me with an opportunity to use your products, they are wonderful!

-- Diane Graham 3-23-94

Just a note to let you know what great results I have had with your soap. I will be leaving next month for a visit with my children, who also have psoriasis, I am sure they will enjoy the results as I have.

-- Howard Yaeger, Hendersonville NC

Anna, I bought some soap from you this Sat. It is lovely. I made copies of your material to give to some people I know. My dog got in the apple spray on Sat. so she got a bath in the Coal-Tar soap. Her hair was silky & shiny!

-- Marlene King, Asheville NC 5-9-94

Ann, In Nov. I came to your shop and bought some products from your daughter. I love everything! And my skin loves it too! Please send me 4 more of the sweet orange moisturizer bars. I’ll be back in the spring!

-- Debbie Jo Guarglia, Raleigh NC

First, let me tell you that I really like your product. The soap I tried was for Sensitive Skin and is unscented. Thank you for providing a soap without animal products that also feels good. And yes, I have many allergies or "contact dermatitis". It was very nice to have something that felt so soothing. I’d like to know if you have a catalog or make any other products, If you do please send me a copy.

-- Susan Dartt Oxford NC 2-9-94

I’m writing to re-order your patchouly soap. My daughter has acne and this soap has been a god sent help! It’s about time we go back to nature and natural healing products! My daughter’s acne has been on-going for about four years. We’ve been to specialists and she’s been on a never ending list of soaps, cleansers, conditioners, and prescription drugs. (twice on an accutane program & Retin A) She has been using your soap for a little over a week and this is the most improvement ever!! I decided to try the soap and love the way it cleans and doesn’t leave my face and skin dried out. I hope you intend to market your products everywhere so everyone can experience it’s natural curing way. Keep up the great work!

-- Diane Conlan SanDiego Ca 3-18-94

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your marvelous soap, Well, They’re Wonderful! So very good to my face! It seems after using your soap, that all others literally eat my skin up! I also use your soaps in my bath and it seems to soothe my muscles also!

-- Michelle Putnam Panama City FL

You made a "believer" out of a "non-believer"! I had a tumor removed from my nose and it was very red and rough. After using your soap and moisturizer oil I actually saw and felt a difference immediately. Ps if it helped me it will help anybody!

-- Roslyn Goldwick Miami Fl

We discovered Creation Soap while vacationing near Blowing Rock Last year and we just love it! Where can we buy it in the Atlanta area?

-- John Doyle Atlanta GA

In Oct. I had the good fortune of attending the Harvest Festival and Finding your soaps! I am now nearly out and would love a catalog. I am especially fond of your campers bar and moisturizing soaps!

-- D J Bassett Ft. Myers FL

My daughter has very severe acne and we had literally tried everything. Needless to say spent a lot of money on everything too! How reassuring it is to know there is someone out there who relies on god and his nature to provide us for all we need. Thanks so much for your wonderful products and reasonable prices!

-- Shannon Cobb Lancaster SC

My family visited your area on vacation. While there I asked about a soap for acne. I bought two bars but threw out the wrappers. Therefore I’m not sure what type I bought, But I can tell you how pleased I am with your product. My son has been under a doctor’s care for acne, but not any longer!

-- Lynn Jeancake New Ellenton SC

I was in your shop last month and purchased some of your Chamomile Shampoo Bars. I have used almost every shampoo and conditioner including Nexus, Biolage, Pantene and many others on my very dry and brittle hair. Nothing has left my hair in as good condition as your soap. I want to try more of your products. I wish everyone would try at least one of your products, I’m sure they would be as pleased as I am. PS I no longer use a conditioner, there is no need.

-- Mary Jasper Cordsville SC

Thank you so much for mailing the soaps to me. My daughter will use nothing else on her bug bites. It (Coal-Tar rosemary) stops the itching and dries up flea bites wonderfully! We are so pleased with your soap.

-- Carol Smith, Anniston AL

I love this soap. I’m 42 and this is the only soap that has helped my face. I no longer look like I have teenage acne at 42.

-- Pat Beal, Orlando FL

I purchased one of your all-in-one shampoo bars at Mystery Hill. I did shampoo my hair as you suggested as well as using it as a body and complexion soap. My hair has never been so soft, shiny, manageable and I have already noticed a difference in my complexion. I love the fact that I don’t use a conditioner on my hair and I am confident that after I have used your soap on my face for a longer period of time that I won’t have to use a moisturizer either. This will result in monetary savings for me as well. I just had to write to let you know how wonderful your product is. I have never been this excited over any other product that I have ever tried before. Your research, experiments, and hard work have been very worthwhile. I hope you have continued success.

-- Linda Ray Blanton, Lincolnton NC

While on vacation near Chimney Rock this summer, I discovered your Coal-Tar formula soap and have enjoyed using it...especially since I have psoriasis would like to order more right away. Thank You for the Hope you have given me.

-- Marilyn Larsen, Westlake OH

In Oct last year we bought some of your ABC Liniment at the Wooly Worm Festival for my back. It works great, after a couple weeks my back pain is almost completely gone. But better yet, my wife did not believe it and would not try it on her arthritis, but after rubbing it on my back with her hands it took all the arthritic swelling and crippling effect, and the pain out of her fingers and she can wear her wedding ring again for the first time in 5 years! Please send us 24 bottles because all our friends and relatives here want some.

-- Ray Kane, Daytona Beach FL