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Wholesale purchasing for retail sales please contact us directly at 1-810-991-1496 to register your wholesale account and receive our wholesale promo code to give you a 50% wholesale discount when ordering on the website for resale at your retail location.

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Essential Oils for Private Label, We can create your Brand Unique Custom Designed Aromatherapy Blends. Undiluted 100% Pure, Over 100 pure essential oils and Carrier Oils available for your private label. Low Minimums 300 units for White label. 100 units if you label, 1000 units for custom blends.

Create a Powerful Brand with Us Gain a strategic advantage with our extensive experience

We will help design, develop and manufacture your PL We can ship to your Amazon FBA or warehouse, or private storage. We make the products in the United States We understand e-commerce like no other, and can assist in all areas you are potentially concerned with Amazon Private Label, design, manufacturing, development, logistics, and scaling.

To give you an accurate quote we need to know what you want in the bottle, what size bottle, and how many per shipment, and how often, it also helps it we know where you plan to sell it so we can place your product pricing into the marketplace competitively Pure Essential Oils are very popular online now.

About Our Private Label Team Developers, Designers, Manufacturing Team Registered with FDA and Compliant
Best Herbal Salves and Oils on Google and Amazon.

Celiac information: All products on this site are Gluten Free, Wheat Free, all natural and organic wherever possible.

TO ORDER BY PHONE CALL 1-810-991-1496 or E-Mail Us at: anna@skincareguardian.com